java.lang.IllegalStateException: JWTAuthContextInfo has not been initialized. Please make sure that either ‘mp.jwt.verify.publickey’ or ‘mp.jwt.verify.publickey.location’ properties are set

It is quite evident from the exception (java.lang.IllegalStateException: JWTAuthContextInfo has not been initialized) that your are missing following key properties inside your





Step 1 : Define mp.jwt.verify.publickey.location

To fix this issue you need to define mp.jwt.verify.publickey.location inside of your

Step 2 : Generate self signed certificate

Use the JDK keystore utility to generate a self signed certificate

1keytool -genkey -keyalg RSA -alias quarkusdemo -keystore keystore.jks -storepass mypassword -validity 365 -keysize 2048

Above command will generate “keystore.jks”.

Store “keystore.jks” at - resources/keystore/keystore.jks

After this you are good to go and hopefully your exception will go away.

You can cloned this repo from GitHub

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