The soul purpose of the Jhooq is learn and share. Jhooq is all about learning programming and Open Source framework such as Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, DevOps and many more.

The idea behind Jhooq is “To start the learning from the ground, where it does not matter what you know before“

Before starting Jhooq as my personal blog I worked as a programmer for almost 11 years and still loving it. But deep down I had feeling why should not i contribute back to the open source community from where i learned a lot and that is how I started Jhooq.

About me(Rahul Wagh) – Me and my wife living on Island called Åland. (I guarantee you never heard of this place before but trust me its beautiful and during summer sun never sets here.), apart from Jhooq, I do work here as full time programmer.

About Us